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TD SYNNEX Promotes The Aruba Instant On Solution

The Aruba Instant On SMB Portfolio is targeted towards small and medium businesses and allows people to stay connected and continue working in different environments. Victoria Davis and Stefania Mungai, from TD SYNNEX, explain what they’re doing with sales and marketing to drive the interest in Aruba and how they’re supporting customers.

Aruba ACTION Partner Club

Since meeting face-to-face is difficult at the moment, Aruba created a platform to stay connected with their partners and to continue giving them access to educational materials and their rewards. Amol Mitrol, from Aruba, discusses how the ACTION Partner Club supports and collaborates with partners all across the world.

Aruba Enhances SMB Portfolio to Keep SMB Partners Connected

Everyone wants to stay wirelessly connected to their networks and their business while also being able to manage their connection remotely. Amol Mitra, from Aruba, discusses how Aruba is invested in enhancing their portfolio to help SMB partners get the most out of their network whether they’re working from home or from a small office.

Aruba Introduces Two Major Enhancements for SMB Markets

We have many different devices connected to our internet these days, but that doesn’t mean it should slow down speeds. Amol Mitro, from Aruba, discusses the enhancements Aruba has made to their portfolio to ensure that business gets done faster without losing connectivity whether it be in a small office, a home office, a healthcare facility, etc.

TD SYNNEX Leverages ACTION Partner Club Resources

Aruba ACTION Partner Club provides assets for their partners to utilize for campaigns created with bright colors and fun tag lines to attract customers. Amol Mitra, from Aruba, asked Victoria Davis and Stefania Mungai, from TD SYNNEX, how the ACTION Partner Club helps their company bring in customers.

TD SYNNEX Releases In-Touch E-Commerce Platform

Resellers can now go directly to the distributor to search for the right solutions and buy the products directly from TD SYNNEX using their In-Touch platform. Stefania Mungai and Victoria Davis, from TD SYNNEX, describe their e-commerce platform and how they’re helping their partners with limited budgets.