Ideal sectors


Easy: One solution covers both inside and outdoor patio areas.

Secure: Mobile point of sale systems and other IoT devices can be placed on a separate network to workers and guests.

Efficient: Customers can enjoy faster ordering and the ability to pay without queueing.

Atmospheric: Your Aruba Instant On Switch can support music devices and guest WiFi throughout your premises.

Home working

Simple: An affordable out-of-the-box solution with no hidden fees or recurring subscription costs, where you can manage all switches, access points, and networks from a single app.

Practical: Easily create separate home, business, and guest networks to prioritise bandwidth for your work applications – with voice and video conferencing prioritised automatically.

Controlled: Add settings to individual networks to restrict access to specific times, devices, applications, URLs, and traffic types, and configure parental controls quickly and easily.

Secure: Integrated firewall and WPA3 security will keep you and your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected, while malicious activity can be quickly blocked.

Medical office

Easy: Doctor and Dentist offices can keep health information secure, whilst offering patients stress-free internet access in the waiting rooms.

Secure: Medical devices and records are kept on separate networks to avoid unwanted internal and external access.

Protected: A no-fuss firewall keeps prying eyes away, while guest access can be automatically turned off out of hours for extra protection.

Aruba Instant On Podcasts

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