Smart Homes powered by Aruba

By 2050 there will be 24 billion interconnected devices around the globe, allowing the exchange of data between systems that used to be siloed.

But what will this mean for smart homes? Find out about the Aruba solutions powering the use of IOT in smart homes, both visible to the consumer and behind the scenes.

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AIO Access points and Switches
Powered by Aruba

Aruba Instant On Access Points

Aruba's Instant On wireless access points enable more connected devices and with faster speeds. With access wherever you roam, whichever device you’re using, it’s Wi-Fi designed with small businesses in mind.

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Aruba Instant On Switches

Aruba Instant On switches are perfect for work from home and for small and growing businesses. Providing a foundation for reliable connectivity, they’ll maximize both performance and peace of mind across your network and devices.

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The future of Smart Homes

From smart phones to smart watches and now… smart homes. The Alexa Echo and Google Home are just the beginning. With IoT, you can control every aspect of your home like never before.

From security to lighting, entertainment, heating, and your home network, IoT sits at the heart of a smart home. Enabling you to control, monitor, and automate almost anything you can think of. Saving you time, energy, and even money.

Plus, with the continuing advancement of IoT technology, there are plenty more innovations to come, from Aruba and other members of CEDIA, the global trade association for companies that design, manufacture, and integrate technology in the home.

Aruba Instant On for smart homes

The Aruba Instant On in Smart Homes campaign provides an industry-centric partner framework to promote specific messaging, value props, and product lines for small businesses. The campaign assets are customizable - partners can add their value proposition, service offering, and other valuable information to scale promotional efforts.

Modern homes contain an increasing number of wireless IoT devices, all of which can impact connectivity. With Instant On, smart homeowners and builders can get a high-performance network solution that delivers reliable and secure Wi-Fi for connected living spaces.

  • Seamless device integration
  • Know what’s on your network
  • Smart, secure Wi-Fi

Smart Homes IOT in action

Home Network Solutions' Berkshire

Learn how the installation and maintenance company found hassle free Wi-Fi installation with Aruba Instant On.

EverIT Switches to the Aruba Instant On product line

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