An Aggregated Solution from TD SYNNEX

To simplify the connection of wireless IoT devices, HPE Aruba Networking has transformed its access points into full-fledged IoT platforms. This collaboration between HPE Aruba Networking, EnOcean, and the EnOcean Alliance leverages this capability and makes it simpler than ever to achieve hyper-aware smart facilities.

New IoT use cases can be easily handled without the need to rip-and replace edge infrastructure, deploy sensor wiring, or dispose of batteries. And the solution is compatible with a wide suite of applications, including Microsoft Azure IoT Central.

Key features of the Aggregated Solutions from TD SYNNEX

In a matter of minutes, you can deploy an accessible and scalable IoT environment. One that’s able to collect raw data from self-powered sensors safely and in a cost-effective way, to form the foundation of your data analytics and visualisation.


Easy commissioning

Through HPE Aruba Networking’s secure WiFi network and IAconnects MobiusFlow®


EnOcean sensors

Operate wirelessly using energy harvesting technology


Cloud availability

Supported with IoT Central or IoT Hub


Data storage & analysis

Data can be stored and analyzed with Microsoft’s data storage and analytics tools: Data Explorer, Data Lake, and Power BI

Business outcomes with an Aggregated Solution from TD SYNNEX

Using HPE Aruba Networking access points, you can easily start creating and managing Smart Spaces with IoT HPE Aruba Networking & EnOcean Aggregated Solution - by automatically provisioning cloud resources, while simplifying the process of registering easy-to-install, self-powered EnOcean wireless sensors.

  • Fast to market insights for smart spaces management, optimisation, and cost control
  • Data visualisation & modernisation
  • Easy to commission IoT sensors for smart space management, optimisation, and cost control
  • High security standard due to a secure tunnel to the cloud

What the Aggregated Solution includes

  • A starter kit with (batteryless) energy harvesting sensors from EnOcean, that can be easily plugged into a new or pre-existing HPE Aruba Networking Access Point.
  • 3 or 12 month MobiusFlow® software licence, allowing partners to easily configure the sensor to send and receive data from the local network to the cloud.
  • The necessary infrastructure on Microsoft Azure to run MobiusFlow® and the deployment and integration with IoT Central or IoT Hub. These two Microsoft Azure IoT platforms are ready to serve data to Data Explorer and Power BI to start visualisation, perform analytics, or create reports. 

Quick guide to using the solution

Step 1
Step 1

Set up the HPE Aruba Networking Access Point with the EnOcean USB stick

Step 2

Switch on the devices and register them on MobiusFlow® Quick setup

Step 3

Enable data visualisation, according to your selection:

  • IoT Central Management & Data Dashboard capabilities available
  • IoT Hub Data Explorer Data Analysis & Power BI Dashboards available

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HPE Aruba Networking and EnOcean

The easy way to Smart buildings.

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