Ideal sectors


Easy: One solution covers both inside and outdoor patio areas.

Secure: Mobile point of sale systems and other IoT devices can be placed on a separate network to workers and guests.

Efficient: Customers can enjoy faster ordering and the ability to pay without queueing.

Atmospheric: Your HPE Networking Instant On Switch can support music devices and guest WiFi throughout your premises.

Home working

Simple: An affordable out-of-the-box solution with no hidden fees or recurring subscription costs, where you can manage all switches, access points, and networks from a single app.

Practical: Easily create separate home, business, and guest networks to prioritise bandwidth for your work applications – with voice and video conferencing prioritised automatically.

Controlled: Add settings to individual networks to restrict access to specific times, devices, applications, URLs, and traffic types, and configure parental controls quickly and easily.

Secure: Integrated firewall and WPA3 security will keep you and your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected, while malicious activity can be quickly blocked.

Medical office

Easy: Doctor and Dentist offices can keep health information secure, whilst offering patients stress-free internet access in the waiting rooms.

Secure: Medical devices and records are kept on separate networks to avoid unwanted internal and external access.

Protected: A no-fuss firewall keeps prying eyes away, while guest access can be automatically turned off out of hours for extra protection.


Simple: With an easy-to-manage Wi-Fi solution that’s built to support your retail environment, you can focus on giving your customers the best possible experience.

Versatile: Whether you’re building brand awareness over social media or catching their eye with interactive in-store digital signage, the versatility of The HPE Networking Instant On puts you in the driver’s seat.

Secure: The HPE Networking Instant On 1830 and 1930 switches are perfect for powering devices like surveillance cameras, keeping your business safe and secure.

Professional Office

Flexible: If your business is operating across multiple floors, The HPE Networking Instant On stackable 1960 switches enable high-speed connectivity, wherever you are.

Fast: Thanks to built-in security features, your business’ data will always remain safe – giving you total peace of mind.  

Collaborative: Enable seamless collaboration across your network with fast and simple connectivity for video conferencing and multi-media sharing.  


Connected: Whether in the classroom or remotely, HPE Networking Instant On delivers a fast, secure, and affordable connection.  

Smart: The HPE Networking Instant On 1960 switches are capable of powering everything from smart lighting to security camera, all through a single interface.

Future-proof: With education technology transforming at a rapid rate, the HPE Networking Instant On series provides high-performance coverage that keeps up with data-hungry applications.  

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Superior: With Wi-Fi 6 certification, HPE Networking Instant On delivers a superior Wi-Fi connection for an elevated gaming experience.

Fast: AP25 access points provide the speed and reliability gamers can count on, so you’ll never be let down due to a spotty or unreliable connection.

Seamless: The 1960 switches provide seamless connectivity to access points and gaming consoles, so users can enjoy high-definition, uninterrupted gaming.

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