With remote workforces more dispersed than ever before, businesses are finding that their processes are inefficient. Applications, systems and servers are all spread across multiple platforms and technologies – something that’s time consuming and often costly.

Aruba’s Unified Infrastructure allows businesses to join the dots and manage all areas of their infrastructure in one easy to use platform – Aruba Central. It’s a cloudnative, single pane of glass solution, which connects and manages IT operations seamlessly, increasing productivity and improving efficiency across the Edge.

Plus, with flexible finance options from Aruba and TD SYNNEX, connecting at the Edge has never been simpler.

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Increase efficiency with cloud-native, single pane of glass solution

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Connect and manage IT operations seamlessly

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Improve UX and fix issues before they’re noticed

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Integrate with existing infrastructure

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Preserve budgets with flexible finance options

The New way to Connect and Manage your workforce

With Aruba ESP's Unified Infrastructure


Join Christian Dupont and Lars Koelendorf from TD SYNNEX and Aruba discussing The three building blocks of the Aruba ESP

Introducing SASE

With an increasing amount of data being generated outside the cloud, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) offers a solution to deliver increased network security. Securely connecting anyone at the edge of an enterprise to the cloud, SASE brings together advanced WAN edge functions with cloud-delivered security services. Building a new, cohesive architecture, SASE is the reliable, secure technology designed for the new decade.

Stay connected with Aruba Central

Aruba Central provides a 360 degree overview of Aruba Cloud Managed Networks, while proactively troubleshooting problems and giving insights into issues. All with a new and improved interface that allows complete control in just a couple of clicks.

Aruba instant and switches for Midmarket/Enterprise

Aruba has a wide range of corporate Wi-Fi access points. They can be implemented as Aruba Instant devices managed with or without controller, depending on the design, the scope of use and the scale of the wireless network in use. Aruba also have a switching portfolio purpose-built for cloud, mobile, and IoT.

Work remotely with Aruba Cloud Managed Networks

Featuring a centralised network, built in security and the ability for complete control and management, Aruba cloud Managed Networks give businesses the power to work from anywhere at any time.

Smart Aruba Network

Partner with TD SYNNEX and create an Aruba network with: Reliable coverage, Capacity for multiple users, Support for critical applications, Integrated security controls, Ease of deployment, Minimal network redundancy, Management on-site or via the cloud.

Connect at the Edge with Aruba ESP Unified Infrastructure

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