As businesses continue to generate data outside of the cloud and combine it with applications at the Edge, a new, more agile network operations approach is needed. One that solves connectivity and authentication problems, faster. The answer: Aruba ESP’s AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT operations). A cloud-based platform that works like a sixth sense, it solves network issues through AI-powered analysis that pre-empts problems. Reducing workloads for engineers, enhancing network performance, and helping to improve business outcomes.

And with an increase in the number of remote users and businesses migrating applications to the cloud, comes the need for better network security. The solution: SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). A cloud-native architecture, it securely connects edges of an enterprise to the cloud, improving performance and security.

What is AIOps?

Combining big data with machine learning, Aruba ESP’s AIOps automates and simplifies IT operations processes. Using AI-powered analysis, generating precise recommendations, and automated problem-solving, it identifies problems before they’ve even happened. By eliminating the need for manual troubleshooting and reducing the number of trouble tickets, AIOps enhances your business’ way of working to improve outcomes.

Proactive vs Reactive

There are two types of AIOps: proactive and reactive. By looking at your business’ network environment, AIOps sets you up to deliver the best performance possible.


Reactive AIOps collects real-time statistics and values, looking at data collected from previous issues to help spot trends. Giving quicker insight into larger issues, reactive AIOps essentially finds a needle in a haystack within data to solve problems 90% faster.


Spotting issues before they occur, proactive AIOps uncovers data abnormalities by combining reactive monitoring tools with other capabilities. Looking at real-time bandwidth and increasing it to improve performance, proactive AIOps helps reduce user issues by 30%.

What AIOps can do for your network

Icon Problem Solving

90% faster problem-solving

Eliminates manual troubleshooting & reduces resolution time by up to 90%

Icon Pre Empt

Pre-empts potential issues

Identifies issues before they happen or impact businesses

Icon Reduces Tickets

Reduces trouble tickets

Issues resolved quickly means no need for endless tickets

Icon Network

Network utilisation increase

With peer benchmarking, network utilisation can increase by up to 25%

Icon Accuracy

95%+ accuracy

AIOps provides precise data-driven insights & recommendations

Introducing SASE

With an increasing amount of data being generated outside the cloud, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) offers a solution to deliver increased network security. Securely connecting anyone at the edge of an enterprise to the cloud, SASE brings together advanced WAN edge functions with cloud-delivered security services. Building a new, cohesive architecture, SASE is the reliable, secure technology designed for the new decade.


Icon Security

Enhance security enforcement across enterprise

Icon Productivity

Improve business productivity

Icon Protect Brand

Protect brand image & reduce risks

Icon Security Costs

Lower overall WAN and security costs

Icon Evaluate

Evaluate & integrate new security technologies instantly

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