A world of possibilities

Imagine a world in which everything is connected.
There would be more streams of data, and with that, more potential for analytics.
With more analytics, there's greater insights. And with greater insights, anything is possible.

So, is your vision big enough, broad enough, expansive enough, to see the possibilities?
To utilise a world of interconnected devices, all secured right at the edge?

Welcome to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT: Powering businesses & sectors

IoT is driving our world more than ever before. But what will this mean for various businesses and sectors?

Smart Spaces and Environmental sustainability

IoT solutions can enable businesses to create an eco-sustainable environment and reach net zero by 2050 by helping them to conserve energy and utilise natural resources for power.

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Smart Homes

With IoT, you can control every aspect of your home like never before. From security to lighting, entertainment, heating, and your home network, IoT sits at the heart of a smart home. Saving you time, energy, and even money.

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Via IoT, medical offices and hospitals can make use of more accurate data to monitor patients’ health continuously and make timely interventions, thereby providing better healthcare across the board.

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Transportation and Logistics

IoT offers transportation and logistics businesses improved visibility over their operations, with real-time tracking of critical assets and goods, both in the warehouse and across the world.

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The Internet of Things is providing retailers with endless opportunities to leverage insights into consumer behaviour and shopping patterns.

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Hybrid workspaces

In a post-pandemic world, businesses are looking for ways to improve the hybrid work experience and eradicate the risk of security breaches.

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Hospitality is all about customer service – and the internet of things allows businesses to understand, personalise, and deliver exactly what the customer wants, more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

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IoT enables education providers to make the most of interconnected devices and software that talk to each other in real time, powering better results for pupils and a seamless working environment for staff.

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Sport and Entertainment

The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping sports and entertainment providers to continue to bridge the gap between the physical and digital spaces with immersive content, personalised experiences, and advanced analytics.

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Gaming and Esports

IoT enables the gaming industry to up their game with fast, stable, wireless connectivity that powers immersive and interactive gaming experiences, real-time analytics, and enhanced security measures.

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How can the Internet of Things solve your business problems?

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), billions of devices all around the world are now connected to the internet. But what does this mean for your business?

The IoT allows the exchange of data between systems that used to be siloed, enabling you to streamline your operations and simplify the sharing of information. Making issues like infection control, contact tracing, and hybrid/remote working virtually seamless.

But what does this mean for cyber-security?

This cross-communication means that more data than ever is being stored at the Edge, making systems more vulnerable than ever before.

As a result, businesses need to prepare for this new cyber security era.

The simple way to get smart buildings started

HPE Aruba Networking has teamed up with the EnOcean alliance to build an IoT Starter Kit, allowing users to easily integrate their building automatisation devices with their IT infrastructure.

Simply plug the EnOcean USB gateway into your HPE Aruba Networking Wi-Fi access point, and you can connect all the wireless EnOcean sensors across your network, with a central view of the data and insights they collect.  

HPE Aruba Networking and Microsoft Joint Solutions

Joint solutions from HPE Aruba Networking and Microsoft can accelerate IoT, cybersecurity, cloud connectivity, and network control objectives with powerful integrations.

Customers can quickly learn more about integrations relevant to them on a recently updated Microsoft dedicated page on the HPE Aruba Networking web site:

Instant On for Industries

Instant On for Industries provides an industry-centric partner framework to promote specific messaging, value props, and product lines for small businesses. With customisable campaign assets, partners can add their value proposition, service offering, and other valuable information to scale promotional efforts.


Instant On for Industries is supporting the optimal learning experience with fast, secure, and affordable high-performance Wi-Fi coverage both indoors and outdoors. Keeping students and teachers connected, with little to no technical expertise required.

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Esports / Gaming

Players, participants, and fans need fast, lag-free connectivity to stay in the game. Instant On delivers a power-packed punch for avid professional and recreational gamers that require wired and wireless network performance to win.

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From voice assistants to Bluetooth IoT gadgets, guests expect their hotel to be as tech-savvy as they are. Instant On access points and switches help growing hospitality businesses without dedicated IT staff deliver fast, secure, and reliable network access without breaking the bank.

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From online shopping to personalised instore experiences, small retailers may struggle to create the experiences customers expect. With Instant On, retailers can address evolving purchase behaviours with access points and switches that are easy to deploy and manage.

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Smart homes

Modern homes contain an increasing number of wireless IoT devices, all of which can impact connectivity. With Instant On, smart homeowners and builders can get a high-performance network solution that delivers reliable and secure Wi-Fi for connected living spaces.

HPE introduces new IoT data converter for Aruba-to-Azure IoT workloads

The new solution, developed with Microsoft and reelyActive, enables IoT data going via Aruba Wi-Fi points to be used in sundry analytics apps in the Azure platform.

TD SYNNEX IoT Solutions Factory

Designed to drive the creation and delivery of IoT solutions, TD SYNNEX IoT Solutions Factory enables customers increase speed to market and reduce the complexity of implementing next-generation technology solutions consumed through the cloud.

Aruba ESP and IoT

With Aruba ESP, you can empower your organization with a future-proof hyper-aware network that combines IT and IoT on a single platform—so you can easily adapt to whatever IoT technology comes next.

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