Introducing the Instant On AP21 Access point

Small businesses or home office owners looking for a compact, affordable solution for connectivity issues need look no further than Instant's On AP21 Access Point. Learn more about the benefits, specifications, and use cases here.

Introducing the Instant On AP32 Access point

Discover the future of connectivity with Instant On AP32 access point. Find out how growing small to medium businesses could benefit from implementing a Wi-Fi 6 access point like our Instant On AP32 today.

Introducing the New Instant On AP22D Access point

Discover how you can enhance your small to medium business’s in-room wired and wireless access with the Instant On AP22D access point.

Introducing the Instant On 1960 2.5GB Switch

Small businesses with modern workloads and increased WiFi adoption are demanding more throughput from their network. As a result, the demand for 2.5GB at the edge is rocketing. Enter the Instant On 1960 2.5GB Switch. Find out everything you need to know about the small business powerhouse switch in our blog.

Introducing the Instant On 1430 Switch Series

Discover a range of plug-and-play unmanaged switches designed specifically for small businesses.

Migrating from Instant On 2530 to Instant On 1960

The 2530 series is now end of life. However, the Instant On 1960 Switch Series can be offered as an alternative. Find out all about it right here.

Introducing the Instant On AP25

Does your small business have an increasing amount of connections from complex devices, causing network bottlenecks? Get high-speed network performance with the Instant On AP25.

Upgrading to the Instant On 1830 Switch Series from the HPE OfficeConnect 1820 Switch Series

Meet the entry-level, smart-managed switches perfect for small businesses.

Migrating from the Instant On 2530 Switch Series to the Instant On CX 6000 Switch Series

Offering secure connectivity and simple deployment, upgrading to the new CX 6000 Switch Series is the key to future-proofing your network.

Instant On - The SMB Wi-Fi that matters

Instant On provides the industry's leading range of wireless routing and switching solutions focussed on the SMB market.