Hospitality powered by HPE Aruba Networking

From cafes, restaurants and hotels, to cruise ships, casinos and other leisure scenarios, the internet of things is already transforming the hospitality industry as we know it.

Find out about the HPE Aruba Networking solutions that are powering the use of IoT, and enabling businesses to improve guest experiences, reduce operating costs, and make smart, data-driven decisions for the future.

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An international association of leading building and IT companies, the EnOcean Alliance enables and promotes interoperable eco-systems for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, and Smart Spaces.


Enabling digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge, Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Networked smoke sensors set off fire alarms to trigger emergency responses.

Occupancy sensors trigger lighting and climate control systems.

Connected thermostats enable hotels to eliminate the cost of heating vacant rooms, as heating and air conditioning can be turned on and off as guests check in and out.

Actuators control heating, ventilation and shading.

Batteryless wireless window contacts monitor window status.

Smart mirrors become personal entertainment hubs.

Digital room keys can be sent directly to the guests phone eliminating admin issues and slow check-in and lost or faulty room keys.

Batteryless wireless control units allow for optimal climate conditions and maximum operating comfort.

Batteryless access card switches control heating and lighting.

Battery wireless switches control light and shading.

HPE Aruba Networking access points and usb.

Room service can be provided quickly, reliably, and safely through autonomous delivery robots.

Predictive maintenance and automated alerts ensure that equipment and appliances can be repaired before they break down, eliminating downtime and guest complaints.

Batteryless liquid detection sensors monitor fluid leaks.

Wireless actuators control radiators, room controllers govern underfloor heating.

Powered by Aruba


Aruba ClearPass is a policy management platform that many businesses are implementing to effortlessly onboard new devices, grant varying access levels, and keep their networks secure.

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HPE Aruba Networking’s next-gen CX switching portfolio is purpose-built for today’s digital world, offering simplified operations, always-on networking, and a world class UX.

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Legacy networks are being crushed by the growing use of IoT, cloud-based services, and the need for mobility. HPE Aruba Networking’s next-gen CX switching portfolio is purpose-built for today’s digital world, and offers:

  • Simplified operations with a single operating model
  • Time savings via smart automation
  • Proactive troubleshooting and resolution
  • Secure and easy enforcement of unified policies
  • Reliable, always-on networking
  • A world class user experience


AirWave is simplifying multi-vendor network management, improving UX, ensuring safety, and protecting performance.

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HPE Aruba Networking Central provides a 360 degree overview of HPE Aruba Networking Cloud Managed Networks, while proactively troubleshooting problems and giving insights into issues.

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SD-WAN is enabling hospitality to increase their bandwidth to suit their increased requirements.

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Location Services

Location services are enabling retail businesses to create seamless personalised customer experiences with custom mobile apps, wayfinding, and targeted campaigns.

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Enabling retail businesses to create seamless personalised customer experiences with custom mobile apps, wayfinding, and targeted campaigns, indoor location services are as easy and accurate as outdoor GPS.

Especially now Aruba has introduced the first self-locating wireless access points, enabling highly accurate indoor location – everywhere.

Location services provide benefits such as:

  • Lower IT costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved user experience

The benefits of HPE Aruba Networking hospitality solutions

Make networking simple and secure

Features like ClearPass Device Insight ensure only pre-approved users and devices have access to areas of the network, without limiting guest connectivity – keeping everyone’s details safe and secure.

Keep guests digitally connected

Provide a flawless digital experience for today’s tech-savvy guests with enhanced technology services that work in unison, whether they’re staying connected for work or streaming their favourite content.

Centralise property management

Consolidate all management tools into one solution to manage hundreds of locations seamlessly, helping improve operations, deliver faster services, and provide an enhanced guest experience.

Simplify network maintenance

With a unified, cloud-based solution that includes full-service AIOps and built-in security, you can deploy, optimize and protect your hospitality network from a single point of control.

The future of hospitality

Thanks to the ways in which IoT devices collect and analyse guest data, the hospitality industry of the future will be able to personalise services more accurately than ever before.

By using connected sensors and thermostats, and smart lighting, heating, and HVAC devices, businesses such as hotels will be able to make their energy use more cost-effective and sustainable.

At large events, audience members can benefit from contactless entry and payments, and seamless directions to less busy toilets and bars.

Plus, with devices to monitor critical infrastructure, and automate previously time-consuming processes and checks, businesses will become more efficient, leaving room for further productivity gains elsewhere

Instant On for hospitality

The Instant On in Hospitality campaign provides an industry-centric partner framework to promote specific messaging, value props, and product lines for small businesses. The campaign assets are customizable - partners can add their value proposition, service offering, and other valuable information to scale promotional efforts.

From voice assistants to Bluetooth IoT gadgets, guests expect their hotel to be as tech-savvy as they are. Instant On access points and switches help growing hospitality businesses without dedicated IT staff deliver fast, secure, and reliable network access without breaking the bank.

  • Bolster common areas
  • Innovative smart rooms
  • Protect guest and employee data

Hospitality IoT in action

Totally customisable to your business needs. Fast to deploy. With devices ready to use in minutes. Discover how HPE Aruba Networking’s IoT services are already helping hospitality businesses to secure a competitive edge.

Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort Case study

Reimagining the guest experience with a worry-free wireless network.

Westin Hotels and Resort Case study

Five-star hotel brand elevates guest experience with digital touchpoints.

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