Healthcare powered by Aruba

By 2050 there will be 24 billion interconnected devices around the globe, allowing the exchange of data between systems that used to be siloed. But what will this mean for healthcare?

Find out about the Aruba solutions powering the use of IOT in healthcare, both visible to the consumer and behind the scenes.

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An international association of leading building and IT companies, the EnOcean Alliance enables and promotes interoperable eco-systems for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, and Smart Spaces.


Providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that caters to every IT need, the Cynerio mission is to empower healthcare facilities stay compliant and manage every connection on their own terms.


Enabling digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge, Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Batteryless wireless sensors control lighting and shading

Actuators control heating, ventilation and shading

Temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors monitor indoor air quality

Batteryless wireless light switch

Wireless thermostat valves adjust radiator temperature

Batteryless wireless window contacts monitor window status

Sensors in mattresses detect and report occupancy

Networked smoke sensors set off fire alarms to trigger emergency response

Occupancy sensors trigger lighting and climate control systems

Batteryless liquid detection sensors monitor fluid leaks

Aruba Access Points and USB

Powered by Aruba


Aruba ClearPass is a policy management platform that many businesses are implementing to effortlessly onboard new devices, grant varying access levels, and keep their networks secure.

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Aruba’s next-gen CX switching portfolio is purpose-built for today’s digital world, offering simplified operations, always-on networking, and a world class UX.

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Legacy networks are being crushed by the growing use of IoT, cloud-based services, and the need for mobility. Aruba’s next-gen CX switching portfolio is purpose-built for today’s digital world, and offers:

  • Simplified operations with a single operating model
  • Time savings via smart automation
  • Proactive troubleshooting and resolution
  • Secure and easy enforcement of unified policies
  • Reliable, always-on networking
  • A world class user experience


AirWave is simplifying multi-vendor network management, improving UX, ensuring safety, and protecting performance.

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Aruba Central provides a 360 degree overview of Aruba Cloud Managed Networks, while proactively troubleshooting problems and giving insights into issues.

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SD-WAN is enabling healthcare services to increase their bandwidth to suit their increased requirements.

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Location Services

Location services are enabling healthcare providers to help keep their employees and their patients safe.

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Enabling healthcare providers to keep their employees and patients safe, indoor location services are as easy and accurate as outdoor GPS. Especially now Aruba has introduced the first self-locating wireless access points.
Plus, save time and drive operational efficiencies with Aruba Tags, which can help your staff quickly locate wheelchairs or other expensive medical equipment.

Location services provide benefits such as:

  • Lower IT costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Seamless user experience

The future of healthcare

Via IoT, medical offices and hospitals can make use of more accurate data to monitor patients’ health continuously and make timely interventions, thereby providing better healthcare across the board.

Plus with internet enabled devices making remote monitoring possible, healthcare professionals will be able to pinpoint issues early and provide more accurate treatment, reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Healthcare IoT in action

Providing healthcare facilities with a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to every IT need, Cynerio work with Aruba at identifying and preventing risk in Healthcare. Find out how they've used IoT to power their healthcare solutions.

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Aruba ESP in Healthcare

Is your network ready for Healthcare at the Edge? Now it can be with Aruba ESP. Whether patients are visiting their provider in person, continuing care via tele-health, or receiving treatment in temporary locations, you want to know that your network is secure and performing optimally.

Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol Case Study

Patient and asset tracking improve healthcare efficiency at leading Catalan hospital.

St Nikolaus Hospital Eupen Case Study

Hospital's network transformation paves the way for digital healthcare.

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