Sports and entertainment powered by HPE Aruba Networking

Sports and entertainments sectors are undergoing a digital transformation. From immersive content and personalised experiences to smart stadiums and advanced analytics, sports and entertainment organisations are using IoT to transform the way they coach, play, and perform.

This is where HPE Aruba Networking and the Internet of Things come in. Helping sports and entertainment providers continue to bridge the gap between physical and digital spaces.


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An international association of leading building and IT companies, the EnOcean Alliance enables and promotes interoperable eco-systems for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, and Smart Spaces.


Enabling digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge, Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Apps for e-ticketing and wayfinder (to seats)

Digital signage – displays and screens

Smart lighting – LED driven fixtures

Mobile apps – based on wireless network and Bluetooth beacons, geolocation based.

High performance wireless coverage (allow 40k to stream live video)

Building management – CCTV, secure access

Turnstyle access systems – lifts and esculators

HPE Aruba Networking hardware:
Indoor Access Points
Outdoor Access Points
Campus Switches
DC Switches

HPE Aruba Networking Location Services:
HPE Aruba Networking Bluetooth with Low-Energy Beacons
Meridian Mobile App Platform

HPE Aruba Networking Management and Operations:
HPE Aruba Networking Central
Airwave Network Management
Intelligent Management Centre (IMC)
User Experience Insights (UXI)

HPE Aruba Networking Security:
ClearPass Policy Manager for secure network and guest access
Security Service Edge (SSE)

Powered by Aruba


HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass is a policy management platform that many businesses are implementing to effortlessly onboard new devices, grant varying access levels, and keep their networks secure.

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HPE Aruba Networking’s next-gen CX switching portfolio is purpose-built for today’s digital world, offering simplified operations, always-on networking, and a world class UX.

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Legacy networks are being crushed by the growing use of IoT, cloud-based services, and the need for mobility. Aruba’s next-gen CX switching portfolio is purpose-built for today’s digital world, and offers:

  • Simplified operations with a single operating model
  • Time savings via smart automation
  • Proactive troubleshooting and resolution
  • Secure and easy enforcement of unified policies
  • Reliable, always-on networking
  • A world class user experience


AirWave is simplifying multi-vendor network management, improving UX, ensuring safety, and protecting performance.

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HPE Aruba Networking Central provides a 360 degree overview of HPE Aruba Networking Cloud Managed Networks, while proactively troubleshooting problems and giving insights into issues.

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SD-WAN is enabling education to increase their bandwidth to suit their increased requirements.

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Location Services

Location services are enabling sports and entertainment businesses to create seamless personalised customer experiences with custom mobile apps, wayfinding, and targeted campaigns.

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Enabling sport and entertainment businesses to create seamless personalised customer experiences with custom mobile apps, wayfinding, and targeted campaigns, indoor location services are as easy and accurate as outdoor GPS.

Especially now Aruba has introduced the first self-locating wireless access points, enabling highly accurate indoor location – everywhere.

Location services provide benefits such as:

  • Lower IT costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved user experience

The future of sports

Many organisations within the sports sector are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver breakthrough results by using innovative methods to further player performance and better engage fans.

In the era of the smart stadium, IoT is also being used to provide the ultimate fan experience. Now, audiences can engage with their favourite teams and players like never before and experience real-time personalisation. All while organisations make more revenue.

Organisations can now improve player performance and prevent player injury, with advanced analytics, sensors, and video playback to better understand how each individual player works, deliver personalised training. This all supports athletes in maintaining good health and fitness.

The future of entertainment

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the entertainment sector is being transformed with new ways to create, deliver, and consume content. Not only is IoT improving user experiences but it’s used to provide personalised experiences, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.     

For example, by creating immersive entertainment experiences optimised to users’ preferences and embedded with targeted advertising, IoT is helping increase consumer engagement, promote content consumption, and increase conversion rates.

With IoT in the entertainment sector, organisations can create better content, improve customer experiences, and improve efficiency across the board.  

Sports and entertainment IoT in action

An enhanced visitor experience for Aquatis

Find out how HPE Aruba Networking helped to create an enhanced visitor experience by location based on mobile engagement for Aquatis, Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium-vivarium.

Smart, secure, digital stadium for Tottenham

When Tottenham Hotspur Football Club wanted to transform the fan experience in their new stadium, HPE Aruba Networking helped them create the most technologically advanced sports stadium in the world.

Experience the magic at Walt Disney Resort

Find out how HPE Aruba Networking helps guests and cast experience the magic by providing Wi-Fi connectivity at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Connected lighting controls at 2022 World Cup Football Stadium

Discover how Delmatic used EnOcean’s SmartServer™ IoT to create a sustainable lighting control solution at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, one of the major sporting venues hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Top-shelf lighting solution for Langley Events Centre

Langley Events Centre’s upgrade from metal halide fixtures to LED-driven fixtures offered more choices to the production staff with unified control over all their lighting from a touchscreen.

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