Join HPE experts Bob Devita and Mauro Bassani

3PAR is nearing the end of its life. It’s time for you and your customers to move onto bigger and better platforms. Nimble or Primera offer a whole range of advantages, from improved features to more agile ways of working, and we’re running an online webinar to show you all about it.

Hosted by HPE experts Bob DeVita and Mauro Bassani, this information-packed and thought-provoking webinar will teach you everything you need to know. You’ll get a clear insight of how to monetize HPE’s Storage Solution enhancements in 2021, and gain a new perspective in understanding your customers workloads. Even better, the whole thing is live so you can have Bob and Mauro answer your questions there and then.

What’s in the webinar

3PAR Migration Campaign 01

What is Happening with 3PAR

3PAR Migration Campaign 02

How this helps your customers

3PAR Migration Campaign 03

How to Succeed and Resources Available

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How this helps you

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Q&A Session

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