The future of storage is here

Now that we’ve waved goodbye to the old HPE 3PAR storage system, we’re welcoming speed, innovation, and performance in the form of three powerful new storage systems: HPE Nimble, HPE Primera, and HPE Alletra.

With improved features, expect the most advanced AI for infrastructure, 100% availability, built-in InfoSight Predictive Analytics and more from three new additions. Now is the time to introduce your clients to the next generation of storage. And equip them with bigger, better platforms.

A ‘how to’ webinar with Bob DeVita

Interested in monetising the latest innovations in HPE storage, as well as migrating your customers to the latest next-generation products? Find out how by watching our free webinar, hosted by HPE experts Bob DeVita and Mauro Bassani.

A trip down technology lane

Over the years, we’ve graduated from typewriters to laptops, rotary phones to smartphones, and now HPE 3PAR to HPE Nimble, HPE Primera and HPE Alletra. Discover the evolution of iconic technology and 3PAR with our interactive infographic, as we fully embrace the next generation of storage.

Technology is always evolving

Familiar with all the next-generation features of HPE Nimble, Primera and Alletra? Watch our video to get acquainted with the three storage solutions and discover what each one brings to the table and embrace the next generation of storage.

Revealing the next generation of Storage

Discover the challenges you can help clients overcome by migrating to HPE Nimble, Primera or Alletra. And introduce them to the next generation of storage.

Ready to embrace the next generation of storage with us?

Find out more about the new HPE Nimble, HPE Primera and HPE Alletra storage systems and chat to one of our experts today.