There’s a new generation of storage in town

If your clients have been disrupted by the evil forces of slow storage, infrastructure disruptions, and complicated data services, it’s time to introduce them to the future of storage: HPE Primera, HPE Alletra, and HPE Nimble.

A trio of storage heroes

Combining supercharged performance, intelligence, and flexibility, The Super Storage Squad is on a mission to combat your clients’ storage problems and power towards the future. Watch the video.

HPE Primera – “The Reliable One”

Combining the agility of cloud and the intelligence of HPE InfoSight, HPE Primera is the hero that’s redefining storage with simplicity, extreme resiliency, and advanced intelligence.

  • 100% guaranteed availability
  • 93% time-saving ability
  • On-demand IT
  • Instant data access
  • Advanced AI for infrastructure
  • Install and upgrades with no disruption

HPE Alletra - “The Flexible One”

HPE Alletra is the only storage hero that can use HPE Data Service Cloud Console, enhancing the cloud operational experience with speed, simplicity, and 99.9999% availability.

  • Unique to the HPE Data Service Cloud Console
  • 99.9999% availability
  • 3x faster performance
  • Offers data as-a-service with HPE GreenLake
  • Simple to use

HPE Nimble – “The Psychic One”

HPE Nimble elevates the storage experience with an agile, always-on platform and built-in AI to stop evil forces in their tracks.

  • Sixth-sense technology
  • 99.9999% availability
  • Resolves 86% of issues automatically
  • Lowers storage expenses by 79%
  • Easily scalable

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