Get the edge with Aruba ESP and TD SYNNEX

In this new era of big data, it’s more important than ever to adapt the way we process and protect our data in order to keep moving forwards. With Aruba ESP, the industry’s first AI-powered and predictive platform, businesses can move their data closer to the edge than ever before.

It’s an innovative, go-to-market solution that combines automation, unification and security with financial flexibility to procure better business outcomes for partner and clients. Plus, with TD SYNNEX you can access the latest expert training and services, as well as a range of flexible finance options.


Aruba’s Unified Infrastructure allows businesses to join the dots and manage all areas of their infrastructure in one easy to use platform – Aruba Central.

It’s a cloudnative, single pane of glass solution, which connects and manages IT operations seamlessly, increasing productivity and improving efficiency across the Edge.


With such a broad range of users and devices connecting to modern networks every day, the safest way forward is Zero Trust Security.

That’s why Aruba ESP utilises continuous visibility and monitoring, comprehensive authentication and control, sophisticated enforcement and more, to protect networks from the Edge inwards.

Analyse and Act

Aruba ESP’s ‘AIOps’ – or artificial intelligence for IT operations - combines big data and machine learning to simplify operations across your business.

Reduce trouble tickets. Eliminate manual troubleshooting. Increase network utilization. Plus, make the most of precise, data-driven insights, to help drive your business forward.


Join Christian Dupont and Lars Koelendorf from TD SYNNEX and Aruba discussing getting the Edge with Aruba ESP.

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