Revealing the next generation of storage

Slow pace. Minimal availability. Outdated infrastructure. Sound familiar?

Discover the challenges you can help clients overcome by migrating to HPE Nimble, Primera or Alletra. And introduce them to the next generation of storage.

Sluggish problem- solving?

The solution: Built-in AI technology

HPE Nimble, Primera & Alletra each feature sixth sense InfoSight technology, predicting and preventing 86% of issues before they even happen. So, you can count on them to solve problems for you.

Lack of access to data?

The solution: 100% guaranteed availability

Guarantee enterprises access to data at all times. Featuring 100% availability, HPE Primera minimises downtime and maximises productivity, making it ideal for mission-critical applications.

Slow performance?

The solution: 3x faster performance

Propel businesses forward by processing data and delivering solutions in record time. The three new HPE storage solutions perform 3x faster and more consistently than any other.

Low security?

The solution: HPE Data Services Cloud Console

Bring the agility of the cloud and security of an on-premises infrastructure to enterprises. Powering data from edge to cloud, HPE Alletra is the only storage solution that uses HPE Data Services Cloud Console.


The solution: Save 93% more time

Give businesses back their time with independent, on-demand IT and instant-access to data from HPE Nimble, Primera and Alletra, enterprises save 93% more time than other solutions.

Too costly?

The solution: Data as-a-service

Help enterprises save on costs and boost financial agility by accessing HPE Primera and Alletra as-a-service and pay per use. Available via HPE GreenLake.

Too much trouble-shooting?

The solution: 85% of calls automated

Give enterprises one less manual task. Thanks to built-in AI technology, 85% of support calls are automated with HPE Nimble, Primera and Alletra.

Constant manual upgrades?

The solution: Invisible upgrading

There’s no disruption, and minimal effort needed with all three HPE storage solutions. Each comes with an intuitive self-upgrading feature, which is finished in a matter of minutes.

Dated infrastructure?

The solution: 3-tier arcitechture

Enterprises can increase their productivity, reliability, and security thanks to HPE’s modern 3-tier architecture. The separate presentation, application and data tiers each run on their own infrastructure. So they perform and can be developed independently.

Are you ready to embrace the next generation of storage?

Find out how to help your customers migrate from HPE 3PAR to HPE Nimble, Primera or Alletra.